TBC Radio

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TBC Radio
Country: Jamaica
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TBC Radio is a non-profit, Christian station that commenced operation on April 12, 1998. The station is a ministry of the Tarrant Baptist Church, which has been in service to the community since 1892. The ministry offered by The Breath of Change - TBC FM 88.5 is designed to reach a wide cross section of people in the Kingston Metropolitan area. As the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters to bring order to chaos, and as the Son of God rose victoriously at the first Easter, we know that God continues to blow the wind of the Spirit where God wills. TBC FM continues to be a part of that movement for spiritual transformation.


Address : 51 Molynes Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica W.I.

Email : tbcradio88.5fm@gmail.com

Phone : (876) 7545120-1

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