Radio Tidar Sakti

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Radio Tidar Sakti
Country: Indonesia
Genres: hitspoptalk
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Radio Tidar Sakti FM 90.3 Live Online Streaming from Malang city,Radio Tidar Sakti FM Malang is daily bringing the latest shows for the morning project fronted by team. FM Tidar is always getting gigantic reaction from general society, then there is a test program the Clown who additionally got a decent reaction and the group and there are different programs. FM Tidar Sakti is there for getting radio system at the time in the past it was similar to mood guided by the feedbacks of the worker


Address : Alamat: Villa Batu Permai , kav B4-6, Jl. Ir. Soekarno 110 Batu

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Phone : Telepon: (0341) 511000

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