Radio Négritude

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Radio Négritude
Country: Haiti
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Radio Négritude 89.7 FM Stéréo Jacmel is News and current affairs radio station that broadcasts 24×7 form Haiti. The content propagated by the station includes Actualité, Politique, Justice, Économie, Culture & Société, Santé, Sport and Tourisme. Haitian values, regional happenings, local and international music i.e. Compass, Kompa, Salsa, Zouk, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock, Electronic and others also make regular part of the transmissions. You can listen to the FM online on the official webpage of the station. AudioNow@ 712 432 7831 gives the opportunity to the listeners form USA to have the channel on the Mobile devices. You can follow the Négritude on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

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