Radio Naya Karnali

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Radio Naya Karnali
Country: Nepal
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Rural Community Radio Naya Karnali FM 102.8 MHZ Due to lack of communication Network and negligible impact of national media in overall Karnali, the local NGO "Karnali Integrated Rural Development And Research Center" (KIRDARC Nepal) established the community Radio Naya Karnali FM 102.8 MHZ in kalikot district for the first time in April , 2009. Since then the community Radio Naya Karnali FM 102.8 MHZ has been operated under Nepalese National Broadcasting Act 1992 that is motivated by community well being and not for commercial considerations. It has covered whole VDC In kalikot (FAR-WEAST) of Achham,kailali,Bajura ,district aired in a total of 30 VDCs in kalikot of five districts whole in the Karnali zone.

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