Radio Balade FM

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Radio Balade FM
Country: Haiti
Genres: baladapop
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Radio Balade FM 102.3 Stereo, launched on June 15, 2000, is a radio station based in Port-de-Paix. The Radio owned by Arne communications Network is aimed to provide those living in northwest and overseas the economic and social development coverage. Lou Evans ARNE is the director of the station broadcasting from Rebecca Street, Port de Paix, a town is the Northwest of Haiti. The FM will soon be available in broadcasting in Department of Artibonite on the dedicated frequency. Radio 102.3 FM promotes socio-cultural development, brotherhood, civil liberties, cultural and communal peace and harmony among the northwest in particular and Haitians in general. The bridge between North westerner overseas, Haiti and World is successfully educating, informing and entertaining the Northwest of Haiti. Be it the local Radio FM listeners or internet users everyone is getting their fair share of the political, social, economic and cultural insights prioritize by Radio 102.3 stereo FM. The Radio is preserving the history, music and culture of the region and sponsoring the rural life and healthy debates and discussions in the Diaspora.

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