El Shadai

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El Shadai
Country: Philippines
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The El Shaddai Ministry is now 26 years old. It has grown fruitfully through years of both painstaking and rewarding faith experiences among its leaders and followers. The little seed of faith that was planted 26 years ago in the heart of one recovered Christian turned servant-leader, Bro. Mike Z. Velarde, is now a full-blown ministry, immensely manifesting the workings of the Holy Spirit in the lives of millions of faithful throughout the Philippines and abroad. these are the millions of faithful whose lives have been positively changed after receiving the word of God into their hearts. the outpouring of blessings, miracles and testimonies in the ministry continue to create waves of spiritual rebirth among people from every walk of life.This ever- growing hunger for kingdom-spirited urges the Ministry to multiply and upgrade its provisions and resources to effectively respond to the spiritual needs of its brethren.

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